Magnesium Extrusions

 Magnesium Extrusions can be supplied in a wide variety of chemical compositions, including pure magnesium, depending on specific application and design requirements

Magnesium Extrusions

Extruded rod may be utilized for cathodic protection of internal or external tanks, water heaters, heat ex-changers, or buried underground structures

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Extrusions can be supplied as per client request in various lengths and dimensions

Water Heater Anodes are usually composed of Magnesium Alloy Extrusions.

Typically, They are used in residential and commercial water heaters

Water Heater Anodes
Water Heater Anodes

Many tools can be fabricated from either Magnesium Extrusions or Die Castings. They are superior to other products due to strength and weight characteristics

Concrete Tools are a good example where Magnesium Strength and Stiffness provide a better solution

Bull Float
Bull Float

Drive – In Magnesium Anodes are used for Cathodic Protection of residential gas risers and also as termination of tracer wire in the utilities industry

Drive In Anodes

Structural Magnesium Extrusions are utilized in multiple industries for various applications where strength and stiffness are important

Magnesium Extrusion Profiles can range from simple to extremely complex

Many of our Magnesium Extruded products are NSF/ANSI Listed Please click on the logo below for a complete list

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For an excellent article about magnesium extrusions click here

Magnesium Ribbon Anode

Typical Magnesium Extrusions are available as wire,rod, bar, profiles,shapes,hollow tubes, multi-ported tubes, rounds, square, sticks

Magnesium Extrusion
Magnesium Extrusion

Galvotec can produce any Magnesium Extrusion, simple or complex to customers specification

Magnesium Extrusion Billets
Magnesium Extrusion Billets

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