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ASTM B 843 Chemical RequirementsM11632M11634M11636M15102M11311M11313
(limits are given as max. weight% unless shown as range)
AZ63B (H1A)AZ63C (H1B)AZ63D (H1C)M1C (Hi-Pot.)AZ31BAZ31D
Al5.3 - 6.75.3 - 6.75.0 - - 3.52.5 - 3.5
Zn2.5 - 3.52.5 - 3.52.0 - 4.0-0.6 - 1.40.6 - 1.4
Mn0.15 - 0.70.15 - 0.70.15 - 0.70.50 - 1.30.20 - 1.00.20 - 1.0
Other (tot)0.300.300.300.300.300.30


Technical Specifications for Magnesium

Symbol: Mg
Melting point: 1,202°F (650°C)
Atomic mass: 24.305 ± 0.0006 u

Beneficial Attributes of Magnesium

  •  Light Weight 75% lighter than steel; 33% lighter than Aluminum
  • Strength
  • Can be utilized for decorative applications
  • Can be utilized in structural applications
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Excellent acoustical deadening (damping)
  • EMI and RF shielding characteristics
  • Bio-compatibility
  • 100 % Recyclable (Environmentally Friendly)
  • Longer tool life than aluminum (for die casting and extrusion)
  • Less Expensive than steel


Interesting  Facts About Magnesium

Magnesium is an essential element in both plant and animal life. Chlorophyll is the chemical that allows plants to capture sunlight, and photosynthesis to take place. Chlorophyll is a magnesium-centred porphyrin complex.

Without magnesium photosynthesis could not take place, and life as we know it would not exist 

In humans, magnesium is essential to the working of hundreds of enzymes. Humans take in about 250–350 milligrams of magnesium each day. We each store about 20 grams in our bodies, mainly in the bones.


Magnesium plays important roles in the structure and the function of the human body. The adult human body contains about 25 grams of magnesium. Over 60% of all the magnesium in the body is found in the skeleton, about 27% is found in muscle, 6% to 7% is found in other cells, and less than 1% is found outside of cells.

ref.: Shils ME. Magnesium. In: O’Dell BL, Sunde RA, eds. Handbook of nutritionally essential minerals. New York: Marcel Dekker, Inc; 1997:117-152

German automaker Porsche has integrated a magnesium roof into production of its highest-performance model, the 911 GT3 RS, it was announced by POSCO, South Korea’s multinational steelmaker, which will supply the lightweight magnesium sheets to the Stuttgart-based manufacturer.
Porsche’s decision represents the first body adoption of magnesium that has been used for a limited number of smaller car parts.

Porsche had tested aluminum and CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymer) as potential materials for its roof, but opted for magnesium as the thinnest, strongest and lightest material for their design and engineering specs. That choice allowed a weight reduction of 10 kg to 1,420 kg, compared with existing models (30 percent lighter than even aluminum). Porsche said that, “Due to the light weight of the roof, the center of gravity became lowered and improved running stability.”
“We expect the demand for auto parts using magnesium will continue to grow at a fast pace,” POSCO said in a statement concerning the joint agreement with Porsche.

The new model is an upgrade of the 911 GT3 released at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show (opened March 3). It boasts 500hp and accelerates from zero to 100km/h in 3.3 seconds. The car gets 7.9 km/liter per the stands of Europe, a fuel efficiency mark that’s another result of the lightweighting.

Magnesium, some 30% less dense than aluminum (and about one-quarter as dense as steel) is increasingly replacing those metals in the manufacture of planes, trains and automobiles with accelerated global efforts to use the lightest, most efficient available structural metal. For example, last year, Renault Samsung used magnesium sheets for the backseat and trunk of its new SM7 model. And aerospace giant Boeing uses magnesium in a number of applications from wing components to parts of the doors, on the B707, B727, B737 and B747 models.


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Magnesium Thixomolded Float
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Magnesium Concrete Mold
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Magnesium Bicycle Frames

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